Terms and Conditions

1. The Service: Hastings District Council, Keep Hastings Beautiful, and their graffiti removal partners (we) will remove graffiti from private property if it is visible from the road. There is no charge for this service. Removal will occur when the graffiti is reported to us or is noticed by our staff.

2. In providing the Service:

  • Graffiti will be removed as per the Easy Graffiti Removal Guidelines. If painting is required:
    • The best match paint from stock of 14 colours will be used. See our colours
    • The tagged area only will be painted using a straight edged masking technique, from the top to the bottom of the fence/ wall.
  • Walls will not be re-rendered and textured finishes will not be applied.
  • Removal Option 2 (Prepare and Paint) will be used if a Removal Option is not selected on the form.

3. Graffiti will not be removed if:

  • The graffiti is deemed by our staff to be in a dangerous or difficult to access area.
  • The graffiti is above a height of 3m, unless appropriate access is provided by the owner.
  • Removal is expected to cause damage to the structure.

4. We have no liability for any damage caused to property during removal. No warranty on materials or finish is provided.

5.   Graffiti will be removed as per the current terms and conditions that are posted on www.nograffiti.co.nz at the time the graffiti is removed. Terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and updated terms and conditions will be posted on www.nograffiti.co.nz

6.   The owner can altered their Removal Option by submitting a new permission form. Permission to remove graffiti from the property exists until it is cancelled by the owner. This can be done by email to cleanup@hdc.govt.nz or in writing to Keep Hastings Beautiful, C/o Hastings District Council, Freepost 108623, Private Bag 9002, Hastings 4156.

7.   An authorised agent of the owner is somebody who has been authorised by the owner to act on their behalf for the maintenance of the property.