Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) methods.

  • Landscaping with a row of thorny shrubs along a wall will restrict access to the wall and reduce the surface area of the wall.
  • Paint your fences and walls standard colours as unpainted surfaces act like magnets to taggers.
  • Darker paint colours have shown to be effective in preventing graffiti.
  • Increase lighting around your property. Install motion sensor lighting where possible.
  • Install video surveillance cameras, as the possibility of being caught on film is a good deterrent.
  • Do an informal audit of your home or business. Could anyone jump onto your rubbish bin and then onto the roof? Is there a wall that doesn't face the street and is badly lit? Are there bins, buildings or bushes which might hide a tagger while they graffiti?
  • Does your business have sign writing on the wall that is in danger of being tagged?
  • Have your graffiti clean up kit on hand so that any graffiti can be removed promptly before attracting more graffiti or other vandalism.
  • Investigate other deterrents such as Resene Sentinel Paint or Stormwalls.

You can also paint your fence a colour stocked by the Graffiti Removal Service, so it's quick and easy to remove.

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